How To Properly IntroDuce yourself

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How To Properly IntroDuce yourself

Post  MaGiiK x KiNG on Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:43 am

How To Properly introduce yourself, [optional]

When Telling MaGiiK members and staff your name. You may tell them your Birth name,username, or a nickname That people may know you as. This way users know what to contact you by. and gives them a base starter for a conversation.Including your Gamertag is a good idea also. So that members can invite you to play online if your looking for somebody to game with. .

Letting members of MaGiiK know your age Is completely up to you. If you wish to keep it confidential that is completely ok. But if you do Wish to share your age. Do so by stating it after your name. as in "im tom age: 16" it is then clearly shown your age is 16.

Gaming Console
During your introduction to MaGiiK. you should include your Brand of console.this way Members of MaGiiK can relate more to the type of Gaming you do. and how serious you take it.Most MaGiiK members Differ between the "xbox" and the "PS3". but there are users on MaGiiK for PC and Wii Gaming. By letting people know your gaming system they can further help you in your system needs.

After stating your console of choice. You can tell members of MaGiiK What games you enjoy playing. If members are interested to know more about you. they can Invite you to play a game and you can talk. This also tells members if you are a Arcade Kind of gamer like pac-man and sonic. Or if your a Hardcore gamer like Halo And CoD.

Past Modding Experiance
If you have Modded Any kind of games before. Or Know something about Jtags. Of any other kind of Technical stuff. Include this. It Shows people that you know what your talking about. and that you are interested in Using your skills During your Time on MaGiiK. If you have no Prior Modding experience. Thats completely fine. Then don't Worry about it.

Letting people know some of your hobbies or interests Will better them in figuring out what kind of member you will be. If you are into Computers and Running sights. or If you are an Experienced Modder. These things let people know what you are good at. and How you can Help the Community. Other things like Sports are also ok to post.

During your introduction DO NOT include any personal information That might Hurt you or anything that members can use against you. This is a Friendly forum and we want keep it that way.
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